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I just tried to run a backup to my external hardrive and was told it failed, and then this message came up.

It said one of my shared folders was corrupted but did not tell me which one. I tried looking around the forums but I couldn't figure anything out. I also tried to go into my McAfee Total Protection->Navigation->Quarantined Items and tried to send it to McAfee but it failed.

I don't know what this is or what file it pertains too, and I don't want to restore or delete it because I don't know what that'll do. I want to back up my computer though so I need to figure this out.

Can someone give me some advice?


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Re: Artemis!4E2E9D463E15

Hi kfisch7,

             Welcome to McAfee Communities. Given the fact that McAfee has already detected this as Artemis! Restoring it would lead to it being detected again. I would recommend opening your MTP>Navigation>Quarantined Items> and delete. Restart and below my Signature are some Superb Free Tools ( Second Link) )

             Try running "Malwarebytes" (Free) Do not accept the (Free Trial) or activate.

           The free Version will suffice. See if all remnants have been removed. You may follow up by running the "McAfee Getsusp Tool" as well. This is another method of submitting Suspicious Files to McAfee Labs. Please  make certain you open "Preferences" before scanning,and add your Email Address.

              Should GetSusp detect any Suspicious/Unknown Files, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Please save the (Work Item iD, #) for future reference. It may be the case that you have to Zip the file,and Password protect and submit to McAfee if this method does not resolve your issues. But try these suggestions first please.

             Please post back your results,if further assistance is needed.

        Hope this helps,


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