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Level 7

Artemis!422496ACCB79 False Alert?

Just completed a full scan and got two flags

Cannot find reference for Artemis!422496ACCB79. Is this a Flase Alert?

Screenshot - 9_30_2010 , 4_34_53 AM.gif

Screenshot - 9_30_2010 , 4_38_12 AM.gif

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Level 7

Re: Artemis!422496ACCB79 False Alert?

It would not let me update - kept getting 'unexpected error'.

So replying to add the following information

Seems to be happening with the latest download DAT file

Engine version: 54001158

DAT version: 6121.0000

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Level 12

Re: Artemis!422496ACCB79 False Alert?


This file found to be Wildtanget\gamechannel. However this file has been suppressed now. Simply wait approximately 30 minutes and this false will no longer exist or trigger on your system. Depending on the network settings you have or the caching involved between your system and ours it may take slightly longer for this false alarm to be resolved.

Feel free to submit your samples in password-protected zipped file (password-infected) to


Neha Chattopadhyay

Mcafee SME

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