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Hi All,

My laptop is infected with this virus, my McAfee saying can not delete . any one have any idea how to remove it???

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Re: Artemis!1AF76EF88579

I altered your login name to exclude the email part for your own security.    Your login name is now m_r_tayel .  I also moved this to Artemis section for better handling.

Artemis is the name that your antivirus gives to anything it detects as suspicious but doesn't know what it is.  It also means that the laboratories have had a sample automatically submitted when the detection was made,.

Look in your Quarantine folders for clues as to the location of the offending file.   (Open SecurityCenter, then click Navigation and look down for the Quarantined and Trusted section).

It could easily be false.  If you think so post back and I will instruct you how to proceed.


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