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Artemis!0FFC95569826 Trojan


I just purchased McAfee total protection because I thought something was going wrong with my computer, ran the scan and it deleted many files but could not access Artemis!0FFC95569826 which it listed as a trojan.  Under Files affected it said C:\Users\Joseph Trueblood\AppData\Roaming\4C4C4544-1424720502-5410-8058-C4C04F504E31\jnsx19D6.tmp and then listed the same file address a second time.  Does anyone know how to remove this, or how big a problem it will be for me if I can't get it taken care of?  Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Level 20

Re: Artemis!0FFC95569826 Trojan

Reboot sometimes that is needed to unload the program.  Check the quarantined list in navigation quarantined  and trusted items as well and see if the file is there.

Any idea what the file came with? Sometimes artemis detections are false +ves.

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Re: Artemis!0FFC95569826 Trojan

Moved to Artemis




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