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Are we really protected ? - see more in.

Hello ,2 days ago i decided to purchase Mcafee Total Protection 2010 since i saw some really good adds that explain how well and how hard Mcafee software works to keep our pc's safe but i started to lose my confidence in it when i saw mcafee put to the test ,i found some reviews on youtube that show Mcafee is not even close to what the adds say , i also read some reviews on a large number of pages that suggested there are free antiviruses that work better then this paid one , so my question is should i get a refund or ? i will attach you some links where it is put to the test. Have to mention in all the search I'd done i didn't find ONE website/video that actually recommends mcafee products, if you say you are so good how come outsiders don't agree with you ? here are some links

Ad: ,  - Reality: , , ,

Please tell me how come your software performs so low in this tests ? I am seriously thinking of getting a refund(and i will if you don't give me a good reason why not) since i thot your protection and detection standards will be higher , that's why i have chosen you.


on 4/10/10 12:31:23 AM CDT
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Re: Are we really protected ? - see more in.

Hi Camy201

I am not from mcafee,just wieghing in.I have seen some of these clips from youtube also and i have seen a test by Av comparitives that does`nt put Mcafee in the top either.I assume that as a paying customer that you would expect it to be near the top,at least. Some of the tests will include speed,false positives,detection,ect.But remember no antivirus is 100 percent.You also have to take into account that you get the Mcafee firewall,which i really like.It`s pretty easy to understand & is considered better then the 1 that comes with your computer.As far as the detection rate

I will have to leave that for the Mcafee people to answer.I have not had any issues with mine.A few minor things,but that happens.I certainly would  reccomend Malwarebytes & superantispyware to compliment any antivirus.These are great free tools.I am even considering buying the full version of Malwarebytes to go with Mcafee.I just have to find out that they don`t conflict.Hopefully someone from Mcafee will answer your question better then me.Just my opinion.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Good luck Jack

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