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Are McAfee scan reports contradictory?

I regularly scan with the latest McAfee protection software and recently received a report with the contradictory information that there were 0 Potentially Unwanted Programs but also listed under Items Detected: Trojans 1 !

The scan report also gave the headline that my computer was secure and had no problems etc.

I have contacted McAfee and they sent an extensive email out with instructions to get rid of any viruses and I followed these instructions in detail including a scan in "clean" mode.  Report was OK.  Then I did a normal scan again and received the above mentioned contradictory advice again !  So I came to this sight and ran Stinger which reported no viruses, trojans etc.  So before I have to spend money by getting the A Team on the job from McAfee I thought I'd ask the following question of this community:

Should I be concerned about this contradictory report?

Why can't McAfee find the trojan and report on it?

Can anyone she any light on this situation please?

Many thanks

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Re: Are McAfee scan reports contradictory?

The problem here is what the definition is of a "Potentially Unwanted Program" and a "Trojan". More information about a PUP can be found here. Or check this article: What are viruses, worms, and Trojan horses?

If the scan doesn't warn you about any trojans, then I wouldn't worry about it. Did the previous report show you that it has cleaned the trojan? Did it give you a name of the trojan?

The "Stinger" program only scans for a certain number of viruses and not all, which is actually impossible.

You can always do an online scan, like the one here. But if you do this then I'd disable the McAfee scanner first. Running two scanners on one computer is not a good idea. They'll bite each other.

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