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Anyone else run into AV Security Suite blocking internet access?

I just spent the afternoon clearing my laptop from a malware program that prevented me from accessing the internet by setting up a proxy that always displaying a bogus error message, sending me to a site where I needed to buy this fake program. The problem is fully documented here:

I am using McAfee Security Suite and have 2 computers, one of which was still ok. I used the second computer to access the McAfee site and could find no information on the problem I had. Using Google I found the the link on bleepingcomputer, followed the instructions exactly, downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program and am now back up and running.

Has anyone else run into this? Why can't I find help on McAfee's threat center? Am I missing something? I've paid for my subscription and would hope to get some help when it was needed!

I'm attaching the log file that Anti-Malware created listing the files that it removed.

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Re: Anyone else run into AV Security Suite blocking internet access?

Fake antivirus scams are difficult for most regular antivirus applications to catch as they aren't necessarily harmful until someone clicks on something, that's why there are specialist tools out there such as MalwareBytes.    I'm sure there are things it doesn't catch and VirusScan does.

That log should be posted on either Bleeping Computer's forums or the MalwareBytes ones.

There is however a submission method to McAfee Labs so they can analyse samples of the infected files and possibly cover the problem with an update.


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