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Antivirus Live Malware - new thread

Yesterday McAfee Security Center reported to me that my compter was at risk as I had not completed a full scan in 30 days.  I did the full scan, 3 adware type items where found and deleted.  Within 15 minutes of starting to work on the computer after I finished the McAfee Scan my computer started showing Antivirus Live issues.  It seems to me that the scan by McAfee caused this virus, malware to attack.

So, even though I have paid for protection, McAfee did not protect me from a well known malicious application.  In addition to McAfee not protecting  my machine from this program, it seems that McAfee actually activated the malware.  I would like an explanation from McAfee as to how this could happen.

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Re: Antivirus Live Malware - new thread

Were you browsing the internet after you ran the scan? This type of malware can attack in the format of a drive-by when visiting seemingly harmless websites.

Merely scanning a machine with genuine AV-software will not infect it. Are you sure that the scan message came from us and not from some rogue fake-AV?

Do you require assistance with removing the infection? I can't tell from your post if there is still a problem.

Please let us know as we'll be happy to help.


on 18/01/10 07:04:50 CST
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Re: Antivirus Live Malware - new thread

Hi Samatha,

Thank you for asking but I have dealt with this virus last year named Anti Virus 2009, so I didn't have a problem in removing it.  In answer to your question, after I compledted the scan I looked at Desktop Weather and used Dogpile to search for something.  Either way, to me and my computer, I did nothing differerent then normally, I had just (15 minutes ago) finished a compete system scan and WHAM, redirected etc.  To a novice this could be very defeating, I am MCSE, CNE etc etc. so I am lucky enogh to have a couple computes hooked up to the web and can deal with these issues.

My machine was attacked by a virus and my anti virus software was inefective.  In addition to that isssue, upon searching the McAfee website there is no official information about this virus and how to fix it   With both of these issue's it begins to seem that McAfee might be responsible for this Anit Virus Live Malware Virus.

Why does McAfee ignore this Malware Virus?

Thank you for your time.

(oh, I noticed that someone else still had a problem with the ie redirection..  You missed the part about going to IE internet options and removing the proxy check.)

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Re: Antivirus Live Malware - new thread

Excuse me, please. I am new at this. It is It is after 3 am and I've not dealt with a spyware problem or virus like this one. No matter what I click on I get taken to a site with the address "". I have all sorts of windows opening telling me I have a serious virus attack. It is opening the browser for erectile dysfunction(ED) It is now opening a browser with the address I cannot bring up any programs. This Antivirus Live window is telling me that McAfee is reporting I do not have coverage. I  get windows security alerts asking if I want to stop this attack but if I click yes, ittake me back to the purchase address. I have disconnected my internet and am receiving all these alerts. I cannot click on McAfee and have had to go to a computer not connected to this infected computer. It keeps asking if I want to download a demo version of it's software and scan my computer. Also states it will scan but I'll have to purchase the antivirus software to remove viruses. I do not know how to remove this attack. Can you give me instructions or point me to where I can get help with directions? My McAfee is updated and I have a Firewall up in addition to Adware by Lavasoft running. I cannot click on ANY program in my  computer as I get the message it is infected. Please help.

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Re: Antivirus Live Malware - new thread

I just bought McAfee antivirus protection in early February and two days ago was attacked by antivirus Live. It would flood my screen with pop ups and bring up sites from a fake internet...even when I was not trying (in vain) to get on line! McAfee, far from standing by me, said the attack was not covered by the product and that I would have to pay $89.95 to reach their spyware removal team. I finally submitted and they had me back and running within 15 minutes. Not a bad business plan, eh? Sell antivirus for fifty bucks or so, infect me with a virus and charge $90 to fix it in a few minutes!! Where do I buy their stock!!!

HOW ABOUT A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? How many of you have had the same game played on you? By the way, my $90 purchase covers me all the way from February 24th THROUGH MARCH 1ST!!!!    Such a deal.


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