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Antivirus 8

This malware got pass your mcafee and when I did a system restore, I had to reload Mcafee software that was corrupt.

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Re: Antivirus 8

Moved to Malware Discussions.

Without any details it's difficult to know what to say but you should realise that no protection software in the world is 100% guaranteed to  stop 100% of infections.   The rest is up to you to make sure you surf safely, be careful what you click on and download, keep Windows totally up to date and keep some extra anti-spyware tools handy for  emergencies.  Some suggested ones at the top here:

When doing a  System Restore as that puts the machine into an earlier state one must  always immeditaely update any time-sensitive software such as antivirus.

Meanwhile  there is an excellent removal guide for Antivirus 8 here:

Scroll down the page and ignore those first links as they are all advertising.

If your System Restore ends up to be satisfactory you should temporarily disable System Restore to erase the infected folders.

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