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AntiVirsus Program

My computer has been taken over by an Anti Virus Program.  I have McAfee Antivirus Plus 2010 installed but does not detect anything wrong after three scans.  I can't open any files or programs after startup and no internet connection.  This Antivirsue takes over in Demo Form and mandates a purchase.. It states this demo version of antivirus live, please note the removal is disabled in dempo mode. To be able to remove please purchase mimium three month $59.95.    I can not find this program in any file including cookies not can I remove the program .  I am running MS XP on a Dell Vostra.  ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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Re: AntiVirsus Program

There are several other posts with very similar situations, along with instructions to remove.  What is the name of the program you are seeing?

- David

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