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Am I infected?

I don't know what I'm doing and where to post my question much less how to solve my problem! I posted this somewhere else and I guess I was responding to someone with a similar issue?

Here's my delema.

In my early morning grogginess signing onto my home computer for work, I got duped into downloading the Security Suites thinking it was McAfee related. I've since read document 1294 as advised in a post and ran stinger 10101028 but I can't read the results becasue it saved in an .opt file. But suposidely it automatically repairs... So now I have downloaded the GetSusp suggested on another post because I am trying to decide if I am infected...(I am hoping not, I have not been getting pop ups) but I am afraid that this might be the kind of thing that sits here and gets worse and worse. My info obtained from the GetSusp scan is not being allowed to send to the lab, it says, becasue it is >3MB. I guess I need to compress it in a zip file? It does say there are suspicious files. What do I need to do differently?  I am afraid to up or download anything!  I've attached a Microsoft Document I made listing the suspicious files. Thanks for any help! T

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Re: Am I infected?

Moved to Malware Discussions > Home User Assistance.   The documentation for GetSusp is HERE.

You'll see there the instructions on what to do with the files.  Meanwhile an expert may look in here.

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Re: Am I infected?

Thanks for posting the log. Here is information on the culprit.

md5: 4753b838b96edb9cfb28894f75ac5410 
Location: C:\Documents and Settings\Rita\Local Settings\Application Data\emgnucqqk

The posted log is truncated - so i couldn't see the exact filename. The benign files have been whitelisted - next time you rerun a GetSusp scan, the zip file created should be under 3 MB.



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