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All FreeNet Executables Quarantined. How Do I Trust These Programs?

How do I set FreeNet executables as trusted?  As soon as I removed Norton Security Scan 2010 and installed McAfee Internet Securty Suite 2011, the first thing it did was quarantine *all* if the .exe files required to run the FreeNet network.  Every time I try to restore them, McAfee re-quarantines them instantly.  There doesn't seem to be any manner or method with which I could mark these files as trusted.

I am *certain* that all of the FreeNet executables are NOT infected with the same Artemis!0BC68693C726 trojan.  I have run FreeNet for several years without issues -- until now.  I have used Norton AntiVirus, Kapersky and AVG Anti-Virus programs, and it appears that McAfee AntiVirus 2011 is the only Anti-Virus program that doesn't like any of the FreeNet executable files.  What does McAfee have against FreeNet?

I also noticed that this question was asked once before -- over a year ago, and there was no response.  I would appreciate a response to this question, because I don't want to be forced to switch back to Norton AntiVirus just so I can run FreeNet.  But I will, if I am forced to.

Thank you,

Jeffrey LeClair

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Re: All FreeNet Executables Quarantined. How Do I Trust These Programs?

Apparently, there isn't a way to set files as trusted in the "home" version.

The FreeNet service itself still runs in the background; the executables that McAfee quarantines seem to just be the ones used by the tray icon to launch the browser. For me, that means it isn't a huge problem, because I don't really access FreeNet all that much (mostly, I just run it to support the project). For a while, I had been going in and restoring them manually as needed, but it seems like the real-time scanner may have recently gotten more aggressive about quarantining them, so it immediately quarantines them again as soon as they're restored.

I'm going to try following the directions at and see if that produces any results.

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