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Good Moorning to all,


I have a problem on our organization, we use VSE 8.8 and this is deployed by ePO (5.3.2). The problem is, I detected in 2 users too many events and the VSE is working fine, the threat is deleted, but all the mornings when the user turn on the computer VSE delete that malware, any day.

So, I think VSE is working fine, but the threat remains in the computer equal. Has anyone had this problem? what is required is that the threat does not reappear and be completely eliminated


The threat is:


C:\Users\"user folder"\AppData\Local\Temp\_0.0096674495306537933667018201381898514.class

Threat Name: 

Hash MD5: 781fb531354d6f291f1ccab48da6d39f


Thanks to all!!

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