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AVSCAN PRO prevention

I just had my third run in with this little  malware  program, I had to restart , run McAfee full scan, and then, to repair internet explorer run a restore point. I use the version of McAfee that comes with ATT DSL, is there something I can do in my setup to prevent this nuisance from bothering me anymore? And is there anyone I can contact to put those people in jail where they belong?


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Re: AVSCAN PRO prevention


Has it been fully removed from your system? You might want to run a scan with our new Stinger tool which targets fake AV infections.

Also, are you using Siteadvisor? If not I'd really recommend you download it as it'll give you good advice about the safety of a website before you click on it in a list of google/yahoo search results, and it's free.

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