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AV Software

The challenges I face include the inability to execute programs except in safe mode, coupled with Internet Explorer coming up after I click as suggested "to fix the infection...."  That takes me to the AV Web Site where they try to sell l their software. I would rather buy a new machine first or wipe this one clean and start over with a Windows Load. Which appears to be my next step.It appears that the control mechanism for these people is related to the Microsoft  Internet Product . It destroys the desktop screen, at which time I get a white screen with a "how to fix "dialogue box which must emanate from Microsoft. None of the suggestions work, the screen reverts to a blank white screen with no background.Trying to execute programs  I get mnessgaes that tell me that they are unable to execute because of missing elements that vary from dll to others elements....all false .When I do execute programs in the safe mode I find no software that is damaging.....

I have run the stinger program with no success. I have also run Norton and McAfee security programs with no success. The Trojan Horse or whatever sweet name you may give this one has completely destroyed my ability to rectify it  as yet. I can run things in safe mode but obviously do not have full capabilty. This  challenge occured on a Dell Laptop running Windows XP.

Is there a way that we can take legal action against this company ? IS there a way to trace their malicious software migration path or process? If you like I will send you my laptop if it helps to put these guys out of business. I am open to trying almost anything at this point since I believe the next step is to wipe the drive and reload all my is a secondary machine  so I have the luxury of doing that without  affecting my productivity which is handled by a Desktop computer.

Thank you for your fine product and support I look forward to hearing from others and you.


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Re: AV Software

Since this is a secondary machine, the easiest thing to do is most likely to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows on it again. Check for all the updates at the Microsoft website: and start over again. Install a good AV program and keep it updated.

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