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A possible intrusion by the System Tool...

Good morning everyone,

     Just wanted to mention a possible intrusion attempt by the System Tool program.  While I was on the website, and after entering "AT&T" in the search parameter box, almost immediately a dialog box appeared on the screen indicating I had an infection & asking if I wanted to run my security program.  Just underneath this dialog box appeared another box (which I only caught a brief glimpse of) indicating something about a "trojan."

I immediately exited the website, then ran a scan with Malwarebytes.  Fortunately, no apparent malware was discovered.  If it were not for all the information many people here in the McAfee forums have shared about this particular malware...(thus enabling me to recognize the problem right away), I might well have ended up with a major problem!

Many thanks to everyone for all your continued help and updates!

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