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A little worried about a virus.


I recently got a message from McAfee saying it blocked JTI/Suspect!131076, i researched it, and i got very scared.

But when i try to follow the removing steps, i never seem to find the file, as every site say that it should be where i searched for it.

So i was thinking if McAfee actually blocked it, and i'm safe, or it's just hiding somewhere in my pc, but for now i cannot seem to find any file with the virus name, or any suspicious file that i recently downloaded.

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Re: A little worried about a virus.


When McAfee detects a threat, it either clears it or quarantines it. You can check in the Quarantined Items within McAfee User Interface to know if the item has been quarantined or not. If you are unable to find it in the location, then it means that McAfee has cleared it. You can also run a scan again and confirm if the file is detected again.



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Re: A little worried about a virus.

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