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665 virus

I have been getting hacked with a virus called 665_==. That will type in all by itself. I can't seem to get away from it. I've done a total destructive system restore (back to factory "out-of-the-box") twice. Tonight it came back. I have a key scrambler so that everything I type in is scrambled. Tonight I tried to get rid of it again. I went through my registry but it didn't find anything. Then I ran the McAfee Suspicious file program and it didn't find anything.

When my "friend" (HUGE sigh & eye roll!!) hacks into my computer, it will either shut down immediately (like it did tonight). When I try to turn it back on either it will just keep shutting down or I'll get a boot screen asking if I want to start with Windows 7 (my OS). It won't let me choose anything. So I restart and sometimes it will allow me that and then just use my computer as usual (as I am now). I never know how long I have until it shuts down.

Does anyone know anything about this and/or how to get rid of it? I am ready to just take my laptop and drive over it with my car.

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Reliable Contributor exbrit
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Re: 665 virus

Is this Windows 7 SP1 and fully updated including IE11 (whether or not you use IE is irrelevant)?

If it keeps coming back then either you have something attached, a hard or flash drive, or network, that is infected or at least insecure and letting someone in.    Probably the best solution would be to completely format and reinstall the system but I doubt that you have a system disk, am I right?

if you can boot into Safe Mode with Networking try Malwarebytes Free as per the last link in my signature below.

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Reliable Contributor exbrit
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Re: 665 virus

Also in the last link in my signature below, lower down...I suggest you post a Hijackthis log on one of the specialist forums I listed there for some expert free advice.

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