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2 desktop.ini on desktop after Full Scan

Hi. I don't have a particular problem with my computer but I have a question. I usually do a Quick Scan to check for viruses. Yesterday I tried a Full Scan. It found 5 possible infected files and all have been fixed (quarantined). No problem there. But after the scan, I witness 2 strange things:

1- When I started Internet Explorer for the first time after the scan, it asks me if "I allow an unknown program to change my homepage to about:blank". I answer "No" and I kept my homepage to Google. Is it McAfee that is doing this?

2- After I restart my computer, 2 "desktop.ini" files appear on the desktop. I deleted them without encountering any problem but it was the first time this is happening.

I just want to know if all of this is normal and the consequence of the McAfee Scan that found a possible threat. I tried again a Full scan and nothing happened this time, but of course, McAfee didn't find any virus either.

Thank you for your answer.

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Re: 2 desktop.ini on desktop after Full Scan

I wouldn't worry about the desktop.ini files - you can always view them and see what they contain. In almost all cases they are harmless and can be kept or deleted, as you prefer.

The about:blank issue, though, may indicate that you have a browser hijacker present. This may be connected with the 5 files that McAfee has detected and quarantined, I can't say.

If you have a Potentially Unwanted Program on your system McAfee may choose to ignore it, but a program like AdwCleaner or Malwarebytes will flag it if it's there. If you run those two you'll have an extra level of confidence. Of course there are sets of cleanup programs that will scour your machine from memory to disk and back again, but those two are good enough to cope with 95% of relatively minor infections.

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