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0% Scan, Anti-Virus/Anti Spyware not working

Yesterday had a message that the program had quarantined a trojan, but sinse than I keep getting pop ups to upload a flash player. Ran the malware detection programs and they found several problems. Restarted the computer after running them and have still had a very slow internet and the scan % stays at zero. I tried the uninstal/reinstall but that did not work. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Re: 0% Scan, Anti-Virus/Anti Spyware not working

Moved to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance as a better spot.

Try some advice outlined in the last link in my signature below.

First defense would be System Restore to before this all started.  If successful don't forget to update everything.

Secondly I would scan using Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, all linked there.   Maybe try some of the other suggestions too.

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