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Product version numbers 9.2 query

We have a license for "VirusScan for Mac"

I have 5, 10.8.2 Macs which i have just upgraded to MA and 9.2 (1.2.0) and some are showing as and some as 1.2.0.


Oh- and as i type they have now changed all to


Can anyone explain why its doing this?

Can I also ask- why do we have differing version numbers?

Why are they sometimes called v9 or v1?

The versions in the repository all begin with 1.x, some extensions are 9.x and in product version they are 9.x.

Can we have some standardisation with versions for different parts of essentially the same product? It just gets very confusing!



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Re: Product version numbers 9.2 query

Infact, this is the extension which reports to ePo agent and then ePO agent reports to ePo, in your case these are multiple entries, I think giving a restart may resolve it. The bigger version is product version and smaller is is Report extension number, that you also see in your ePo under Extensions Menu.

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