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Multiple McAfee products, are they all tied to kernel and/or 32-bit libraries? RHE7 and RHEL6

We use several McAfee products: agent, hips, policy auditor, and vsel.

I'm pretty sure the agent is just a standalone communications piece.  Are all of the other modules tied into the kernel?

I'm asking this because after doing mandated yum updates for new software and kernel, many of these components no longer work (on a new kernel now without the ties to the software).

Can someone confirm that hips, PA, and VSEL all have ties to the kernel?  If so, our team needs to find a way to do bulk, unattended reinstalls of these products.

We've also found that sometimes we have to install 32-bit versions of libc++ and other things to get these products to work.  Not an easy task by any means.



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