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Mcafee All Access 2012 (on Mac) - "Scanning Stopped. No Response From Scanners"


I recently installed McAfee All Access 2012 on my PC and Mac (Mac Mini).  After some initial hiccups with downloading the mac file (needed to install Google Chrome), I installed the product successfully.

I kicked off a "Full Scan" to ensure no threats on my Mac, this ran for a number of hours, so I went away and came back only to find the McAfee console showing "Scanning Stopped. No response from scanners".  I rebooted my machine and kicked off another scan..... same result.

Can anyone shed some light on this?  Hardly seems worth running if the scans are going to fail...



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Re: Mcafee All Access 2012 (on Mac) - "Scanning Stopped. No Response From Scanners"

I was having a similar problem using McAfee Multi Access version (3060) on a MacBook Pro OS X El Capitan  version 10.11.3. When doing a full manual scan with McAfee I would get the message ”Scanning Stopped. No Response From Scanners”. Restarting the computer and even updating McAfee did not correct the issue. I could not find any information about this issue on the Internet but came upon this post but I couldn't find a resolution. Finally, I zapped PRAM/NVRAM when restarting the computer. Running McAfee and the issue was resolved. To zap PRAM/NVRAM shut the computer down and hold down the following four keys—command (⌘)+option+p+r—simultaneously on startup. Continue to hold down the four keys until you hear a chime and the computer will restart. I then relaunched McAfee and it went through the complete scan without a hitch. I'm posting this in the hopes that anyone having a similar issue will find this useful.