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McAfee support for Linux servers

Hi ,

As client requirement we have planned to install McAfee agent on the Linux server and installed successfully, whereas DAT version file is not getting updated on the server and now showing up in ePO console.

Please assist me to proceed further.


Dileep Kumar K R

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Re: McAfee support for Linux servers

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If you would prefer ePO, I will move it again.




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Re: McAfee support for Linux servers

Do you mean you have installed Agent with a version of VirusScan Enterprise for Linux - the VSEL uses the Dats - the agent communicates with ePO, reports events, and runs tasks etc it doesn't use dats itself.

What version VSEL (+Hfs if installed)??

What version Linux??

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Re: McAfee support for Linux servers

sometimes this is a simple latency issue in the collect props and events, I have seen this with RHEL 6 and RHEL 5 containers, running VSEL 1.9.10 and ePO 5.1.3.

to check the DAT version on the RHEL container, log in and elevate to root, then use the <INSTALL_DIR>/bin/nails --version command:

You should see something like this

McAfeeVSEForLinux 1.9.0……

Virus Definition files 8167.000   <<< This is current DAT that the container has. This should match the current DAT verion on the ePO Summary Dashboard

Virus Scanning Engine 5800.7501

And other info not relevant to DAT version

After you have identified the DAT version on the container, you can go back to ePO and in the System Tree area, select the check box next to the container, and select Wake Up agent at the bottom of the screen. Leave the options selected at default on the new page that opens and select Ok to send the command. Wait about 30 secs and refresh the System Tree page, you should now see the container report the current DAT, and see the value update on the page.

For the rest of the containers, you may send a wake up agent call to request the current DAT version. You can select multiple containers by checking multiple boxes, and then using the Wake Up Agents option. Confirm that you see the DAT version update in the System Tree Area.

Hopefully this helps

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Re: McAfee support for Linux servers

Well the reason I asked for version details is that there was a condition in VSEL 1.9.1 and 2.0.2 where the product could disconnect with agent.

Resolved in HFs for both products (available at download site) and also in VSEL 1.9.2.