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McAfee Agent for Macs - No way to force ASCI?

I know this to be true for McAfee Agent 4.0 w/patch 2 for the Macs, and I am pretty sure it to be the case for McAfee Agent 4.5, but why is there not a way to "force" an agent to communicate with the ePO server like there is on Windows?  We are just now getting in to Macs here at my company, but I am already seeing this as an issue with the machines I am playing with.  I asked support this question, and they had me fill out an enhancement request, along with telling me that if I restarted the agent (i.e. SystemStarter restart cma), it should do the same thing.  Well, it does not.  Has anyone else ran in to this issue and also needs it to be addressed?  Just curious...


Tommy M.

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Re: McAfee Agent for Macs - No way to force ASCI?

I'm checking this for you with development but I believe this is an FMR (feature modification request) for an upcoming version.

When I get feedback from them, I'll post it here.



Re: McAfee Agent for Macs - No way to force ASCI?

Yup - this is an FMR -- currently being considered for MA 4.6 for Non-Windows.

Hope this helps,


Re: McAfee Agent for Macs - No way to force ASCI?

Thanks Rod.  The main issue seems to be with the McAfee Agent policy.  With Windows, starting the agent does force an ASCI; however, on the Macs, it appears that the agent holds true to the ASCI interval setting and will not fully update until then.  I guess I will work with our McAfee team to see that this gets more attention.

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