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Macbook air running Endpoint security for MAC - Vshieldscanner

I get spinning beachball of doom, look in activity monitor and Vshieldscanner is running three processes. This is a new(ish) laptop. Old macbook air never had performance problems of any kind. Happens sometimes every 15 seconds, sometimes every 5 minutes. Lasts for 5 seconds or so.

Macbook air running Yosemite 10.10.5

McAfee endpoint for mac version 2.2.0 (1298)

     Console shows nothing in quarantine, all services enabled (on access can etc). Everything like anti-malware being updated quite regularly.

Any recommendations would be welcome.

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Re: Macbook air running Endpoint security for MAC - Vshieldscanner

Moved to Business > Mac and Linux Products as a better spot for answers.




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