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Mac version name & # insanity

Why oh why are the version names and numbers so insane for the McAfee products for Mac?

I log in with my Grant # and and download "McAfee VirusScan for Mac v9.1" which you then check into ePO and it shows up as "McAfee Security for Mac - AV 1.1" then you click on a managed machine running it and it is listed as "Anti-malware for Mac" which if you then click on them it is listed as VIREX.

Why?  Why this crazy version naming insanity?  This is absolutely confusing to keep track of.  Why should 1 product show as 4 different names in ePO?

  • McAfee VirusScan for Mac v9.1
  • McAfee Security for Mac - AV 1.1
  • Anti-malware for Mac 9.1.0.xxxx

Let alone the naming insanity you then get into the version number insanity.

You download McAfee VirusScan for Mac v9.1 from the Grants area but then open the zip file and you find "McAfee Security for Mac-Anti-malware-1.1-RTW-ePO-1309" which you then check into ePO and get a version string of 1.1.1309.  However then you deploy and then end up with something like as your reported version number.  You then go download "VirusScan for Mac 9.1 Patch 1" with a version string of in the ReadMe for it but when you check it in you get 1.1.1418.  However when it then deploys it reports back as version instead.

I literally have a diagram written out on my whiteboard that maps out all of this information because there is nothing on Google, these forums, the documentation, or KB system that map out these version names and numbers.

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Re: Mac version name & # insanity


Your feedback has been sent up to the Product Management so the naming conventions can be corrected.

We have 2 lines of Security products on Mac.

McAfee Security for Mac - Suite of Antimalware+AntiSpyware+Firewall+Application Protection

VirusScan for Mac - Antimalware

McAfee Security for Mac will always be 1.x

VirusScan for Mac will always be 9.x

In the About Box, the the main build number is for the UI framework which would say 1.x (Build number)

In the below items, you woudl see individual component version like for AV, 1.x.x.xxxx for Firewall and Application Protection.

Based on your description, you have AV-only which wouldnt show Firewall or Application Protection versions.

In ePO, this would report back under System Tree->Machine->Products as 9.1.0.xxxx and this xxxx woudl change with HF or Patch.

Patch 1 build is and in ePO the AV component build woudl show up as

Kind of confusing, but yes the scope of improvement is defintely there.


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Re: Mac version name & # insanity

In addition to this post I had also made a support ticket.  I've been informed a KB article explaining the version numbers and names is being worked on which I believe will go a long way to resolving the confusion.

Re: Mac version name & # insanity

Oh don't get me started! Add to that the insanity of the agent and the patches, how about just incrementing the version number? Mac Agent 4.6 -> 4.6.1 -> 4.6.2.

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Re: Mac version name & # insanity

They follow the same # sequence as the Windows & Linux versions at least so they all correlate together.  It's been much nicer now too that major patch releases like P2 means across all systems and it states that in the ReadMe at least too.  The Mac anti-virus has just been a pool of alphabet soup comparatively to the other applications in terms of both naming conventions and version numbers.