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How to Install Endpoint Security for Linux Threat Prevention ( ENSL/TP ) into Amazon Linux


対象となるAmazon LinuxにENSL/TP及びMcAfee Agentのインストールモジュールがダウンロード済であること。


本手順ではENSL/TP10.2.0 を使用しています。



ENSL/TP10.5 インストールガイド














[ec2-user@ip-172-31-21-117 mcafee]$ ls -l
total 215044
-rw-rw-r-- 1 ec2-user ec2-user 220198886 Mar 2 06:09 ISecTP-10.2.0-534-Release-standalone.tar.gz
[ec2-user@ip-172-31-21-117 mcafee]$
[ec2-user@ip-172-31-21-117 mcafee]$ tar -zxvf ISecTP-10.2.0-534-Release-standalone.tar.gz
[ec2-user@ip-172-31-21-117 mcafee]$ ls -ltra
total 430084
-rw-rw-r-- 1 ec2-user ec2-user 220157484 Sep 7 01:09 ISecTP-10.2.0-534-standalone.linux.tar.gz
-rwxrwxr-x 1 ec2-user ec2-user 30233 Sep 7 01:09
drwx------ 4 ec2-user ec2-user 4096 Mar 2 06:06 ..
-rw-rw-r-- 1 ec2-user ec2-user 220198886 Mar 2 06:09 ISecTP-10.2.0-534-Release-standalone.tar.gz
drwxrwxr-x 2 ec2-user ec2-user 4096 Mar 2 06:16 .
[ec2-user@ip-172-31-21-117 mcafee]$




[ec2-user@ip-172-31-21-117 mcafee]$ unzip MA504HF1179191LNX\(x64\).zip
Archive: MA504HF1179191LNX(x64).zip
inflating: agent.ini
extracting: agentfipsmode
inflating: AgentInst.McS
inflating: bootstrap
inflating: BootstrapInfo.xml
inflating: hashes.xml
inflating: Install.pkg
inflating: Install2.pkg
inflating: license.txt
inflating: ma_msgbus_auth.sig
inflating: ma_msgbus_auth.xml
inflating: mfeagent.cdf
inflating: mfeagent64.cdf
inflating: MFEma.x86_64.deb
inflating: MFEma.x86_64.rpm
inflating: MFErt.i686.deb
inflating: MFErt.i686.rpm
inflating: ml_cacerts.cer
inflating: NWAGT370Det.McS
inflating: PackageInfo.xml
inflating: Packing.Lst
extracting: PkgCatalog.z
inflating: PkgCatalog_unx.xml
inflating: RepoKeys.ini
extracting: req2048seckey.bin
extracting: reqseckey.bin
inflating: setup
inflating: SiteList.xml
extracting: sr2048pubkey.bin
extracting: srpubkey.bin
inflating: unixpkg.exe
inflating: unz
[ec2-user@ip-172-31-21-117 mcafee]$
[ec2-user@ip-172-31-21-117 mcafee]$ ls
agentfipsmode MFEma.x86_64.rpm
agent.ini MFErt.i686.deb
AgentInst.McS MFErt.i686.rpm
bootstrap ml_cacerts.cer
BootstrapInfo.xml NWAGT370Det.McS PackageInfo.xml
hashes.xml Packing.Lst
Install2.pkg PkgCatalog_unx.xml PkgCatalog.z
Install.pkg RepoKeys.ini
ISecTP-10.2.0-534-Release-standalone.tar.gz req2048seckey.bin
ISecTP-10.2.0-534-standalone.linux.tar.gz reqseckey.bin
license.txt setup
ma_msgbus_auth.sig SiteList.xml
ma_msgbus_auth.xml sr2048pubkey.bin
mfeagent64.cdf srpubkey.bin
mfeagent.cdf unixpkg.exe
MFEma.x86_64.deb unz
[ec2-user@ip-172-31-21-117 mcafee]$


2.McAfee Agentのインストール①MA1.pngsudo yum install MFErt.i686.rpm




MA2.pngsudo yum instyall MFEma.x86_64.rpm


4.ENSL/TPのインストールENSLTP.pngsudo ./





5.ENSLTPの稼働確認ENSLTP.pngISecTP is ready for use now を確認




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