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Does VSCL come with VSEL 2.0.2

I am having an application deployed on Oracle Enterprise Linux server where we have installed McAfee VSEL 2.0.2.

I want to use the Virus Scan Command Line for on Demand scanning, but unable to find the directory where I can run the SCAN command. Just wanted to know if VSCL comes bundled along with VSEL 2.0.2 ? If yes, from which directory can I execute the VSCL commands.

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Re: Does VSCL come with VSEL 2.0.2

I moved this to Mac & Linux Products as hopefully it will be spotted quickly by someone with knowledge.




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Re: Does VSCL come with VSEL 2.0.2

No, VirusScan Command Line is a separate product. But you can schedule regular OnDemand Scans (ODS) with VSEL from ePO or the included web interface.

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