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Cannot Update AMcore on RHEL Servers.

i had some Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server installed Endpoint security , communication is normal but it's cannot update the AMcore content over a month, is where i can download the DAT and install manually ? i had already tried all solutions from ePO or on servers for retried update / sync . thank you.

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Re: Cannot Update AMcore on RHEL Servers.

horace.ho@disne ENS for Linux utilizes the v2 DAT file, not AMCore content. Please first ensure that you are attempting to update with the correct content file (DAT) within your tasks and not an AMCore package. If you're pushing AMCore, then this is why the updates are failing.
It is also possible that your McAfee Agent (which is responsible for completing content updates) may be having difficulties. Have you attempted either reinstalling it or upgrading to a newer version?

In order to manually update your content for ENSLTP, you can follow the instructions in KB88234.


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