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Unable to install All Access on a Mac

Hi - I am resorting to posting this given that McAfee seem unable to resolve this issue.  I have been unable to install my licensed product since December 2014 and this still persists despite all attempts to resolve (4 phone calls, 4 hours, lots of frustration).  I am told that the problem is a McAfee server issue.  I have ended up using a trial version with another e-mail!  I have tried the documented work-around (which the McAfee Tech Mac Staff seem completely unaware of) without success.  Any suggestions other than use a different product from another company?

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Re: Unable to install All Access on a Mac

Moved to MAC Products for faster assistance.

Other threads here suggest disabling Time Machine to enable installation.

However I am not an expert and will leave that to other here.




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Re: Unable to install All Access on a Mac

Hi @keithw

Please let know if you purchased McAfee directly from Website or as part of Service Provider (TV/Internet/Mobile Network). From your Email address i was able to pull up a Trial Subscription as you mentioned.

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