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Total Protection for MCAfee

When installing TP on my mac I got message: "we found some anti-virus software that interferes with your software. Please remove it and then try installing again". I have no idea what is that software. How to find that?

Is it due to Lucky Patcher app?

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Re: Total Protection for MCAfee

Hi @manishbeedu,

I understand that McAfee detects another Anti-Virus software on your Mac which interferes with the installation of McAfee and you would like to know how to find the traces of the 3rd party Anti-Virus software.

You may try the steps below to check your computer for the traces;


  1. At the top of your computer, click on “GO” and choose “Applications” from the dropdown menu
  2. Look for any 3rd party Anti-Virus software and uninstall or move to trash.
  3. If you identify any 3rd party Anti-Virus software and uninstalled it, Close the “Application windows” and, click on “GO” again and then click on “Go to folder”.
  4. In the “Go to folder” box, type /Library and then click on “Go”.
  5. In the Library folder, below is the list of folders to check for any Anti-Virus software traces on your computer:
  • Application Support
  • Launch Agents
  • Launch Daemons
  • Preference Panes
  • Preferences
  • Startup Items
  • Security
  1. Once you have identified the traces, right click and ‘move the traces to trash” and then empty the trash folder
  2. Now you can try to initiate the installation of McAfee on your computer.


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Re: Total Protection for MCAfee

don't worry it happens with lp app ! u can use it without any issues !