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Services Running Emails every half hour???

On a new server (Linux) with McAfee installed, I am getting emails every half hour that says:

Subject:  Cron <root@web1> /opt/McAfee/agent/scripts/ma checkhealth


McAfee common services is already running.

McAfee agent service is already running.

McAfee compat service is already running.

The folks at Cogeco/Peer1 tell me that this is perfectly normal and I should just ignore these messages.  

Is this true?  If I ignore these messages, what happens when there is a problem and I need to see the message, but I am ignoring these messages because they normally say the exact same thing - every half hour?

Is there some way to change a setting so that I only receive the messages if I need to take some action?


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Re: Services Running Emails every half hour???

Hi @robinemcd 

Kindly let us know the name of the McAfee product installed in your Linux machine.

Karthik K

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