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Scanning stopped along the way


I installed McAfee Internet Security on Sunday, 29 July 2018 on my MacBook Pro running on macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6. My McAfee Internet Security is version (4113) and it is up to date. However, when I start scanning, it runs for a while and then tell me that "scanning stopped. no response from scanners". This has happened four times and I am not sure if I am secure or not since my Macbook has not been fully scanned since I started using my new internet security.


What should I do to resolve this issue. I have restarted my laptop and restarted scanning but it still stops along the way. Kindly advise.



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Re: Scanning stopped along the way

Hi @Jenkondi 

To find out the issue on a file or with McAfee scanner:

  1. Please do custom scan on a location in the Hard disk, to check is the any issue with McAfee scanner or with the file which is scanning.
  2. Was the error occured on a particular file/location or just in mid of the scan?


To isolate the Issue:

  1. Was Time Machine ON during the scan?
  2. Was backup/external drive plugged in and was the backup going during the scan?
  3. If yes, kindly turn OFF Time machine and eject the backup/external drive and then do the scan. it will be scanning only the internal drive.
  4. Then do the custom scan and scan the external/backup drive if you have any to isolate the issue.

Please update us the status



Karthik K