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Product deployment task for MAC


I was told by someone that product deployment task and policy will not work for MAC.

Can anyone confirm, If product deployment task is enabled for VSE for MAC in ePO. If laptop is connected to internet (working outside the office network), and it has agent installed. Whether VSE will deployed during client-server communication as it does in windows machine.

Also confirm if we enabled USB block policy using DLP for an OU, moved a MAC into that OU, laptop connected outside the office network. Whether the DLP policy will be applied during client-server communication?

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Re: Product deployment task for MAC

I haven't tried a it on OSX but I would assume that if the Agent is installed it would work like it does with Windows.

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Re: Product deployment task for MAC

ePO 5.3.2 build 156/Agent Protection for Mac & 9.8.05467 - used Product Deployment task to deploy. 

As for "...laptop is connected to internet (working outside the office network)..." depends - is your ePO server behind a FW or in a DMZ?  If so, then chances are you may have better results in the Product Deployment task by utilizing an Agent Handler McAfee SNS Journal, ePO Edition (August 2014)

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Re: Product deployment task for MAC


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