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LiveSafe 'Quit'

Hi, I wonder if you can help.  I'm pretty sure my subscription to LiveSafe is still up to date.  Yesterday I had a virus and conducted a full scan using LiveSafe, it isolated a couple of issues and I deleted them all.  Today it seems I still have the virus, but when trying to open the MySafe console to conduct another scan it keeps closing automatically almost instantly and the usual mac message LiveSafe  'quit unextectedly' keeps coming up.  A couple of reboots later and its still not running LiveSafe.  Please advise 

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Moderator GaneshR
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Re: LiveSafe 'Quit'

Hi Peter,

Sorry about that. Please try to update McAfee and check whether issue persist.  


Ganesh Raju R

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Re: LiveSafe 'Quit'



How do you try to update when you can't get the programme to open please? On a Mac

Moderator Karthik_K
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Re: LiveSafe 'Quit'

Hi @Blitz1

Kindly try re-install McAfee and update us the status. Refer the article for McAfee re-installation:


Karthik K