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Is my computer really cleaned of malicious content?

About a week ago I was on a website streaming the NBA All-Star game, when I accidently clicked on one of the ads that led to an immediate download. McAfee immediately popped up afterwards letting me know spyware had been detected and that it was "cleaned". Does this mean it was completely removed from my system? I ran a complete scan quickly thereafter and no threats were found. My computer has been running fine with no issues. I'm really just trying to make sure it was completely removed and that I do not need to take any further steps. I'm running a newer MacBook Pro if that's any help. Thanks!

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Re: Is my computer really cleaned of malicious content?

I am not up with Mac versions but if it is the same as the windows 1 there will be a quarantined area in the navigation area that might still have the file and trojan in it. You can delete it there if you want.

As Mcafee detected it you should be fine

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