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Cant remove old siteadviser completely

Skjermbilde 2017-05-30 kl. 02.33.10.png

This shown in my Firefox browser extensions list.

However it is no longer installed.

I have:

  1. Removed Siteadvisor using Mcafee support site guides.
  2. Trashed leftover files with app cleaner apps.
  3. Completly removed Firefox and associated files with app cleaning apps.
  4. Used Mac Finder to remove all files related to FF and Siteadviser.

It's still there after i reinstall Firefox. Please tell me how i can get rid of this completely.

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Re: Cant remove old siteadviser completely

  Can you assist this MAC user please we mods are not up with MAC OS.

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Re: Cant remove old siteadviser completely

Hi naquada,

Please go to the location /usr/local/McAfee/SiteAdvisor/ and open the file "". It will generate and show "" for Site Advisor under Downloads. You can use the file to uninstall Site Advisor.