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Can't Scan my Mac

I've had McAfee ever since I bought my iMac in January, and it's been working fine (scanning, updating, reporting etc). But this morning, when I asked it to Scan, it said "unknown errors received from scanners"

So I looked for some help, and tried the McAfee Virtual Technician. It reported ' - platform not supported' against Internet Security, Application Protected, Desktop Firewall and Antimalware.

So then I tried to get some 'real' help. Found that there's no email support for us here (in UK), so tried to Live Chat system. Got so far as describing the problem, and was given a Live Chat number, but then nothing happened.

I've no idea what's gone wrong: so far as I'm aware nothing has changed - I haven't downloaded anything new, or changed anything. I've tried the old "switch off & back on again" trick, but no luck 😞

Can anyone advise please?