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Bing Redirect Virus

Somehow I have ended up with a fake antivirus called "Mac Cleanup Pro" on my macbook. Ever since it's made it's way into my mac I'm constantly being redirected from Google to Bing. Typing in my browsers search bar takes me to Bing- even going directly to and using their search bar doesn't work. It will load Google for a slpit second before continuing on to load Bing. If I try to go back a page it won't allow me to go back to Google at all. I've run so many scans with McAfee and it doesn't seem to be detecting it at all. I've even tried cleaning up Google Chrome which is the browser I always use as I've read online that sometimes it's the browser itself and that it could have had something to do with the extensions I had. I reset all my settings in Chrome and even deleted Bing as a search engine option. I've also searched through all of my files and folders on my computer looking for anything suspicious and deleting all folders that I thought may be the cause but... to to avail. Nothing has worked and I'm completely stumped and annoyed at this point.

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Re: Bing Redirect Virus

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and from your information about the Bing Redirect Virus which you stated that it started after you found “Mac Cleanup Pro” on your Mac computer.

With the information about your concern Lauren, at the top left side of your computer screen were you have options like the Apple Icon, Finder, etc. Please click on “Go” and then click on Applications. Once Applications is open, please check for “Mac Cleanup Pro” application and any other applications you feel you did not install on your Mac and then drag icon to Trash on your computer to uninstall the application.

Once you have uninstalled the application (“Mac Cleanup Pro”) from your computer, please click on “Go” again and then click on “Go to Folder”, you should have a prompt with a box where you need to type /usr/Library and then click on Go.

Please check in Library under these folders - Application Support, Cache, Preferences, Preferences Panes, LaunchAgent, LaunchDaemons. Check if you can find any traces of “Mac Cleanup Pro” files in Library. If you do find any trace of “Mac Cleanup Pro”, please right click on move to trash and once all the traces are moved to trash, please empty your trash.

Once you have followed the steps, please try resetting your Chrome Browser again and checking if you still have as your search before restarting your computer. Once your computer is restarted, try to access any site on your computer and see if you are good with the redirect or pop up.



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