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Questions on MOVE Multi-Platform 3.5 and Windows DFS

Hey Everyone,

We recently went live with MOVE Multi-Platform 3.5, and have been slowly rolling it out to servers in our environment. This evening, we tried deploying to servers that are part of a Windows DFS cluster. While the install was fine on one server, it seemed to crash another. The failover connection seemed to disappear. After enlisting the help of a Windows Server Admin, I removed the MOVE client from the still working server, and they worked on getting the crashed server back. They were eventually able to get it working, and I attempted to uninstall the MOVE client on that server as well. Unfortunately, it won't remove and keeps throwing a 1603 error. Most likely, the install is corrupted, and we are going to figure out how to proceed tomorrow, rather than risk anything further tonight. The server is back up and part of the cluster, so we are hoping it is good.

In looking through all of the documentation, release notes, product guides, and other things I could find, I can find no mention of what the issue might be. The Product Guide has information on some recommended settings for file servers, but not much else. Now, after digging in the community, I did find some mention of older versions not being compatible with DFS, but it was my understanding this newest version was. Is this not correct? I am planning on opening a ticket with McAfee in the morning, but figured I might as well reach out to fellow admins in the community tonight. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Questions on MOVE Multi-Platform 3.5 and Windows DFS

I am still looking into this. I was informed that MOVE is not cluster aware, so it needs to be installed on every node in the cluster, which is what we were trying to do. Using a vulnerability scanning tool to identify software installed on the server that crashed, but not on the server that didn't, we found the following software. Does anyone know if any of these might cause a problem?

Kits Configuration Installer 8.100.25984

SDK Debuggers 8.100.26837

Windows Software Development Kit EULA  8.100.25984

Windows Software Development Kit for Windows 8.1   8.100.26837

Re: Questions on MOVE Multi-Platform 3.5 and Windows DFS

Bump, I am having the same issue in my environment.