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New to Move and VMware

Hello all,

I have just purchased some move licences for our virtual machines.

Currently we are using the Free version of ESXi 4.1, but we will be purchasing the VMware Essentials kit 5.1.

I have logged into out McAfee download site and there are multiple options for Move. Move 2.5, Move2.6, Move 3.0. Then you have Agentless and Multiplatform. Which version would suite our needs correctly.

Many thanks

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Re: New to Move and VMware

The product guides should cover it and then you could decide what would be the correct approach for your enviornmen t.

McAfee ePO Support Center Plug-in
Check out the new McAfee ePO Support Center. Simply access the ePO Software Manager and follow the instructions in the Product Guide for the most commonly used utilities, top known issues announcements, search the knowledgebase for product documentation, and server status and statistics – all from within ePO.