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Move 4 Agentless: Is a path exclusion for single VM possible, something...


we had now set Move 4 agentless and MP together (for evaluation only).

MP is harder to setup compared to agentless (ok, NSX needs  some works):

-Preparing Windows-SVMs,

- Deploy an configure the  SWM-Manager (it  missed vmware tools f.e.)

- we had seen unconditionally "Power-Off" events on Windows-SVM without "Shutdown Guest"  ???

What it better?  Hm, I don't know it yet.

One question: Can we  made a path exclusion in MV 4 Agentless for  a single VM? 

In MP, it's  easy. There is an Agent at  the VM and  we can  assign a policy.

But how  it works on agentless?



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