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Move 3 with DCC: Configuring Exclusions by group in ePo


Having a hard time with getting exclusions to work with move agentless.

I've read several posts on here regarding exclusions but using their info isn't helping.

My "understanding" is that using the data center connector and enabling "VM-based scan configuration" in the SVA policy I can group my vm's logically in groups in my structure in ePo and assign different a different scan policy and so a different set of scan exclusions for each group.  i.e. exchange boxes, IIS etc etc

In practice though I can't get exclusions to work at all on the ePo group of windows vm's I have at the moment. I'm adding the exclusions to the scan policy applied to the ePo group the vm's are in not the sva group.

Setting an basic exclusion of say c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Datastore\Logs\*.*   or    **\SoftwareDistribution\Datastore\Logs\*.*  does not stop an EICAR.txt being discovered and deleted in the Log folder

i'm waking the agents and forcing policy refresh when I make changes to the policy which i presume should update the sva's?

All the extensions are new and installed, I have the updated DCC. all the vm stuff is 5.5

The product guide (page 21) gives you about two lines and leaves you to it.

Anyone out there have this working at all or have I made a basic misunderstanding of how this could\should work?

Any advice would be well recieved and very helpful as i'm new to ePo as well as move.