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McAfee MOVE Multiplatform 4.5.1 on HA Clustered ESXi

Hi, im deploying the MOVE MP Solution for an HA Clustered Environmet, and i want to know if some one found a way to attach one VM to one Hypervisor SVM to be scaned on.

I mean, if i have an ESXi_1, and a ESX_2 clustered servers, then i deploy a SVM Manager, and SVM OSS(1) on ESXi_1 and another SVM OSS(2) running on ESXi_2..

If i my vm is alive on ESX_1, i need to send all my scanning files to SVM OSS(1) and if HA, move this vm to the ESXi_2, then the scan server will be the SVM OSS(2).

Anyone knows if its possible with any rule tag assignment or a field or property on the vms runing with the mcafee agent?


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