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McAfee MOVE 4.5.1 Agentless - On-demand scan scheduling question


Hopefully this should be a basic question but I'm trying to get my head around this.

What is the relationship between the following?:

1) The setting...  Policy Catalog -> MOVE Antivirus 4.5.1 -> On Demand Scan

"Run on-demand scan for every" (default is 7 days)


2) The setting...  Policy Catalog -> MOVE Antivirus 4.5.1 -> SVM Settings -> (show advanced)

"ODS Scheduler" (grid of hourly timeslots) the context of MOVE 4.5.1 Agentless.

Does this mean that each system is scanned every 7 days but not on the 'black out' times selected in the ODS scheduler?

Is every machine scanned simultaneously together or is it staggered / randomised in some way?

If the scan is performed weekly at the same 7 day interval, it would seem to make the ODS scheduler a bit obsolete?

I could have sworn in the past that ODS for MOVE was more of a 'continuous trawl' rather than a weekly 'full scan' (which seems much more like the way old-school individual physical machine were scanned).

I've checked the manual and relevant help sections but I can't find a definitive answer to this.

Many thanks in advance if anyone is able to offer any insight / assistance with this.

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