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McAfee MOVE 2, VMware View 5.0

We have been using McAfee SAAS for the longest time on our physical machines and we have replaced most of them with Thin Clients running vmware view 5 and decided to switch to a VDI AntiVirus which would be McAfee Move 2.0, old I know but never got around to using it till a week ago.

We are currently in trial mode and its seems to be working great, lower cpu, lower IOPS BUT we have one issue and I couldnt find any solutions for it.

As soon as a student plugs in a USB drive into the ThinClient the virtual desktop freezes up and within view manager the desktop becomes unresponsive until it is reset. I thought maybe it was a VMware issue or our thin client issue but after trying all their solutions it kept happening.

After I removed the MOVE agent the desktops no longer freeze when inserting USB drives. So it was the McAfee MOVE Product causing the system hangs.

Are there any fixes for this or is there a fix in a newer version? ANyone have these issues, if so how did you resolve?

This is the only issue which would keep us from actually purchasinfg the product.


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Re: McAfee MOVE 2, VMware View 5.0

Moved from Business General to MOVE for better attention.