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MOVE MP affecting file server

We have been experiencing a consistent issue where our file server shares become unavailable for a few minutes consistently at the same time every day. We have tracked the potential cause to the Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service. The event viewer shows that a deferred scan is in progress. The timeout was left at the default 45 seconds. The path of the files is in "\System Volume Information\*" Is it advisable to exclude this path or to lower the scan timeout settings? Thanks.

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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: MOVE MP affecting file server

So you dont want the deferred scan to be initiated ?

Re: MOVE MP affecting file server

No, the deferred scan is ok, at least in regards to how it should work. But in my case for this particular server, it has been causing issues.

I excluded the System Volume Information directory and we have not had any issues since.