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MOVE Agentless systems become unmanaged randomly


my company adopts the following products to manage VMs protection:

ePO 5.9

MOVE Agentless 4.5.1

NSX Manager 6.3

vCenter 6.5

I have deployed the MOVE SVM using the procedure described in the MOVE 4.5.1 installation guide in an NSX environment. After the first deployment all the SVMs have been automatically registered successfully on ePO with managed state equal to "Managed".

Happens that randomely these MOVE systems become "unmanaged" for a while and then return in the "Managed" state, but located under the vShere group in the system tree instead of under the group i have previously created with the IP sorting criteria enabled.

How can i prevent that MOVE systems become unmanaged?

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Re: MOVE Agentless systems become unmanaged randomly


could it e a problem related to the cloud workload extension?


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