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MOVE AV with Non-Persistent desktops

Has anyone out there deployed MOVE on non-persistent VDI? We have it deployed with our XenDesktop implementation and it creates a number of duplicates within EPO. I've had a case open with support for months now without resolution. We just can't seem to find whats causing it. Everything is deployed correctly as per the documentation... VDI switch is enabled, GUID is deleted on the master image, MAC doesn't change (though it does disappear in EPO on some duplicate clients), hostname doesn't change, etc. Doing some quick searches reveals this has been a known issue for quite sometime. At least since back to 2011. It would seem that this product was only meant for persistent desktops. Not really sure what to do. We're at the point of considering going with unmanaged VSE clients. Cant even go with managed VSE because the McAfee Agent is what appears to be the problem.

We're using MOVE 3.5 with EPO 5.1.1

Any suggestions?